Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Women react after Saudi King gives them the right to vote

FILE - In this March 29, 2010 file photo, Saudi women visit the 
Saudi Travel and Tourism Investment Market (STTIM) fair in 
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Saudi King Abdullah has given the 
kingdom's women the right to vote for first time in nationwide 
local elections, due in 2015.File) (Hassan Ammar - AP) 

Why is there no acknowledgement from the right wingnut blogosphere regarding King Abdullah extending voting rights to the Muslim women in Saudi Arabia? These Islamaphobes constantly refer to the human rights violations occurring in other countries and blame them on Islam!

Now that a leader of one of the predominantly Muslim countries has lifted such a ban, one would think that there would at least be some casual acknowledgement of said freedom being given to Muslim women.

But I'm sure that they'd prefer to harp on the remaining human rights violations....and continue to blame Islam for their occurrences.

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