Thursday, September 8, 2011

Survivors Sacrifcied: The Aftermath

Yesterday, as the founder of Stop Islamaphobia in America (SIIA), I went to witness the film that I pre-judged would be very Islamaphobic, based on the trailer released on YouTube.

The more accurate name for this film would be "Survivors: Sacrificed in the name of Islamaphobia".  Further, the original sub-title ("The Untold Story of the Ground Zero Mega-Mosque") is actually the over-exaggerated, oft-told favorite lie of the Islamaphobes as this film further takes advantage of honest hurt and pain and misdirects it at innocent Muslims who not only had absolutely nothing to do with the tragedy of 9/11 infamy, but condemned the misdeeds of those who committed said tragedy!

You should note, not one of those interviewed speaks favorably of Muslims or Islam.  In fact, they actually& wrongly blame BOTH for this tragedy!

I created a small (8½" x 11") protest sign which read:  U.S. Muslim citizens ask: Were Muslim 9/11 Families interviewed for this Islamaphobic film??  The trailer for this film didn't show ANY!!

As you can see for yourself, not one of those 9/11 Family Survivors was a family member of any of the Muslims who worked in the World Trade Center!  This was not a coincidence; this was by their devious design!  They did not want all perspectives of those who directly affected; particularly those who were pro-Islam or even neutral.

After watching the DVD (which was given to all who attended their Islamaphobes "hate-fest"), I felt as if I'd simply watched an extended version of the Islamaphobic trailer.  NOTE:  My heart-felt condolences go out to the family members for the lost of their loved one....whether they are Islamaphobic or not. While I only came close to losing a brother in-law who worked at the Pentagon (thankfully, he worked in another section of the building), one of the young ladies who was an underclassman in my high school was killed in the tragedy at the Pentagon. But as I stated before, the effort to blame Islam as the motivation behind this and other terrorist acts has steadily increased since 9/11 and the creators of this film took advantage of the emotions of the loss these people still live with to create a devilish film whose goal is to further demonize Islam and Muslims.

At the end of the film, Tim Brown (outspoken former NYFD member who's appeared on many interviews over the past 10 years since 9/11 speaking against Islam and Muslims and any Muslim who may have been jointly interviewed with him as news networks sought the truth behind the reason why the terrorists committed that heinous act) appeals to viewers to give money to their devilish cause--now that the "heart-strings" have been pulled. "Give to our cause.  We don't want Islam or Muslims here in the U.S. .... unless they act and practice the same faith that the rest of us practice."[my paraphrase]  Sadly, the assumption is, too many silly Americans think that Muslims who leave their countries to come to America all intend to convert from Islam to Christianity!  While that may be the intent of some, that group represents only a single-digit percentage.

I'm reluctant to post the entire DVD on YouTube.  Why?  Basically, it shows the scenes of the 9/11 tragedy and it's a tragedy that ill-affected all Americans, no matter what faith they practiced. In between the 9/11 scenes, it interviews Tim Brown and others who's stance against Islam and Muslims is more than obvious.  As I stated before, Tim Brown appeals to the viewer to "get the message out".  That unstated message is the message of Islamaphobia.  They want more people to have an irrational fear of Islam and Muslims.  How many Americans have overreacted when dealing with Muslims since 9/11?  How many Americans, dealing with Sikhs (a completely different faith, for those who don't know any better) thinking that they were Muslims overreacted since 9/11?  Maybe I'll take the time to dub-out the sound and supplant it with my own soundtrack.

We shall see....

In the meantime, I can't help be to be saddened by the interviewed survivors of that tragedy who were unknowingly made victims a 2nd time by the producers of this film "throwing them under the bus" for the sole purpose of furthering the cause of Islamaphobia.

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