Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Doublespeak blog?

I was reading an Islamaphobe's (Pam Geller's) blog of a similar title as my own blog and I noticed that she tries to implore "Good Muslim People of America" to "Please ... Speak Out (one may assume against some ill in society)".

Then she launches into a tirade of points for the "Good Muslim People of America" to "speak out" against. Of these points, she sites "....the Ideology of Political Islam and Imposing Islamic Law (Sharia)".  

First & foremost, what exactly is "political Islam"? As a practicing Muslim for just over 20 years, I've never heard of such a phrase (until Islamaphobes introduced it), let alone practiced it!  And this imposing of Sharia.  If I understand the concept of Sharia, it's not something "imposed" onto others; rather, it's how one chooses to live their own life.

The other points that she later mentions in her diatribe are ludicrous.  She wants "good Muslim people of America" to "please....speak out" against something, but she disrespects their very faith that they practice.  That makes absolutely no sense. Many of the things she wants the Muslim Americans to "speak out" against is the very faith that these Muslims are practicing! Her blog is classic doublespeak where she appears to want law-abiding Muslim Americans to speak out against some wrong, but goes on to insult her audience in the process while doing so!

Instead, why doesn't she list reasonable wrongs that the "good Muslim people of America" can "please....speak out" against?

The only thing we "good Muslim people of America" are left with to "please....speak out" against are the lies she and others like her spew against Islam and Muslims, in general.

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