Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Deceptive Re-translation and Re-assignment of Islamic Terms by Islamaphobes

Many Islamaphobes use (or rather, abuse) Arabic words because there are many non-Arab speaking westerners (including myself) who are unfamiliar with the words that they use and abuse for their own devious intentions.  This is a special motivation for the paid Islamaphobes who are actually paid to lie against Islam and Muslims. We have recently seen such example of these paid Islamaphobes giving misleading and anti-Islamic training to the military and law enforcement officials (from local to federal level) while receiving tax-payers’ dollars for providing said flawed training. Fortunately, Muslim civil rights organizations brought scam this to the attention of the FBI and the Pentagon and they have since ceased their involvement with such nefarious tricksters. But this does not prevent these same con artists from deceiving as many of the masses as they can.

Before I go any further, allow me to not be too presumptuous and define a few of the terms I’ve used so far.
  1. Islamaphobia (Is.laam.uh.fō’.bi.uh):  the irrational fear of Islam and/or anything related to it.
  2. Islamaphobe (Is.laam.uh.fōb’):  one who has the aforementioned irrational fear.
  3. Muslim (Mus.lim -Arabic): one who submits their will to do the will of God.
There!  I don’t want to leave those words open to misinterpretation. These same people will claim that “Islamists” (a disrespectful term they use instead of stating “Muslims”) use the terms Islamaphobia & Islamaphobe to negate any discussion on Islam & Muslims. Ironically, those descriptive words are used no more frequently than those used to describe others who are prejudiced and discriminatory against the Jewish community (anti-Semitic).  Ironically, the root word applies to more than just Jews or Judaism!

            Semitic (Se.mi’.tic): 
a)   of, relating to, or constituting a subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic language family that includes Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic and Amharic
b)   of, relating to, or characteristic of the Semites
c)   relating to Jewish people

As you can see, being “strictly Jewish” is the third most populate definition due to an interpretation whereas the first two definitions could be obviously applied to Christians and Muslims. But that’s a sidebar…. But how a word that relates to so many diverse groups of people could possibly be narrowed-down to only refer to only one group is beyond reason!

A prime example of abuse of words is the word “taqiyya”.

Taqiyya (tah.kee’.ah):  permission to hide one’s faith if threatened with bodily injury or death; strictly Shia Muslim practice.

In the Middle East, two sects of Muslims (Sunni – majority and Shia – minority) are at odds with one another, primarily over a differences of opinion of leadership and some practices. Too often, these differences devolve into violent clashes. In a majority Sunni area, Shia Muslims adopted the practice of not claiming to be Shia if questioned. This is the only example of taqiyya and it has no other application.

Here’s how Islamaphobes negate and devise their own definition of the word.  They lie by claiming that taqiyya means to “lie to spread Islam”.  This practice, if it was as they claim, would be completely and utterly contrary to Islam, itself. This claim also negates any meaningful conversation any Muslim could possibly have with anyone in disputing these lies spewed by Islamaphobes. So, when a Muslim debunks the lies told by the paid Islamaphobe (or one of their dupes), the dupes think, “…..oh yeah…!  This is that practice I was trained on called ‘taqiyya’ where Muslims will lie to spread Islam, so I can simply ignore their statements”! But most paid/professional Islamaphobes know that they've been

Another similar abuse of Arabic words is the mistranslation of the word “Sharia”.

Sharia (Sha.ree’.ah):  “the path” or “the way”. 

Sharia is derived from the teachings of the Qur’an, the sunnah, or practices of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Islamaphobes mistranslate sharia to mean “the laws of Islam”. They fail to acknowledge that when considering all predominantly Muslim-populated countries (notice I didn’t say “Islamic countries”), the laws are all different.  But these Islamaphobes ignore this, but take the most extreme practices (beheading, amputation, belittling of women, etc.) and claim these abuses as “sharia”. In the meantime, they never mention that in the United States, Muslim Americans marry, divorce, raise their children, write their wills, pray five times per day (minimum), wash before prayers, etc. all based on sharia.  Where does the beheading come into play there….?  Exactly….!  NOWHERE!

So why do we hear and read all of the hype from the Islamaphobes?  As long as they invent an imaginary “boogeyman” (sharia) and get paid for said promoting of said irrational fear (Islamaphobia), they can promote and push for the banning of “sharia law” in different states. Some states Republicans are even crafty enough to remove the word “sharia” from their proposed legislation and replacing it with “foreign” laws or “religious” laws.

Fortunately, even many in the Jewish American community is seeing this as an attack on them and their practices as well as they govern themselves by similar practices which are derived from the Torah (the Jewish scripture). They have joined with Muslims in speaking out against such banning of religious-based practices as promoted by these legislators and in most states; these measures have been soundly defeated! 

We can only thank God for that, but the battle against evil continues.

-Galen Muhammad

*Red text denotes the lie being promoted and the liar promoting said lie.

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