Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gaping Holes in the Script

The article written by Chad Groening only mentions the "Family Research Council", but utterly fails to give any details of this cloaked organization.  It is pro-Christian, aggressively anti-every other religion.

On the FRC site, they claim to promote "faith, family & freedom". Their misuse of the National's Capital is misleading as they do not present all of the people of the U.S.A. Once you read through their site, it takes very little effort to see that what they're promoting is Christian faith, Christian family and freedom to practice Christianity ONLY!! And all of that despite the fact that the US is comprised of many different faiths, cultures & traditions while overlooking the fact that no one is attempting to impede the practice of Christianity in the US!

On their "Freedom of Religion" link, they mention nor hint at nothing advocating the freedom of every US citizen to practice whatever religion they choose to practice or none at all!  In fact, one article highlighted complains of an Anti-Islamic bigot not being allowed to speak at West Point (which would have been a much more appropriate title for their biased article).  This same inappropriate office was disciplined for speaking in bigoted and unfounded terms against Islam and Muslims while he was in uniform.  Now that he's out of uniform, with the endorsements of any backwoods distillery shack and their drunken patrons, he is given some lame legitimacy.

And they called attention to his insubordination on that so-called Christian website?  Not exactly.  The authors of this deceptive article (Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski) claim he wasn't allowed to speak because of his "Christian views". 

Nice spin....but we see through your distortions & lies, FRC.

Gaping Holes in the Script

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